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At DeHabi, we believe that through great design, we can create products that can fit into any habitat. Designing for a habitat results in a strong connection between product and space. By considering not only the form but also the space that will surround the product, the end product can easily compliment any environment and even transform the surrounding space into a designed habitat.

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By designing with simplicity in mind, we result in a pure form that preserves the essence of the product by ensuring only the essential details remain


Creating a timeless piece allows it to be relevent not only today, but even decades later, assuring the product will last a life-time


While a distinct form ensures that we stand out from the crowd, our designs retain the ability to fit into any environment or habitat

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@2019 www.dehabi.com |All Rights Reserved


Portable Bluetooth Radio

The Dehabi ONE portable bluetooth radio combines premium sound quality with a timeless and universal design. Dehabi ONE’s vertical design, with clean lines and rounded corners, creates a seamless form which results in a unique vertical interface. With a compact size and small footprint, DeHabi ONE can easily blend into any environment and fill with rich and robust audio with it’s bluetooth and radio connectivity. The vertical interface allows for intuitive preset selection, while the premium metal knob allows for fine volume adjustment. Even in bright conditions, the easy-to-read LCD clearly displays current channel and other information. All these features are encased in a durable polycarbonate shell and custom metal grille.

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Seamless vertical design with clean lines and rounded corners


Fully integrated vertical interface with easy and intuitive controls


Bluetooth 4.2, AM, FM, Line-in 3.5mm


 8-10 hrs


Premium metal knob for fine volume adjustment


Durable polycarbonate shell with custom metal grille


W130 mm x D130mm x H247 mm


300 g

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